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First announcement about JET 2023
All from JET and all for JET again
Dear all,
I hope you are doing well in this boiling hot weather. My name is Tatsuya Nakama (Tokyo Bay Medical Center), and I am the chairman of the Executive Committee of JET 2023. Today, I am pleased to be able to send you the first announcement about JET2023.
Just as we imagined from Dr. Iida’s passionate message, “All for JET,” JET2022 was a great success. It was attended by a total of 2,113 participants, 1,361 (65%) of whom participated in person in Osaka, even though it was possible to participate online. We are deeply impressed by this amazing result because it proves not only how appealing JET’s programs are but also the value of the face-to-face, interpersonal communication that occurs at JET meetings.

Chairman of the Executive Committee

Tatsuya Nakama, MD

Department of Cardiology,

Tokyo Bay Medical Center

Only two months have passed since JET2022, but we are already starting to plan JET2023. Of course, the goal is to make JET2023, which will be held in Tokyo from May 26 to 28, 2023, the "best JET" and even better than the highly successful JET2022.
Looking back to the situation two and a half years ago, many conferences, including JET2020, had to be canceled because of the unprecedented pandemic. Since then, the rapidly developing technology of online conferencing has given us a novel communication method as an alternative to in-person conferences. In the future, this technology should definitely be further developed and utilized. However, the convenience of this technology has made us forget the value of face-to-face communication. At JET2022, we reaffirmed the value of meeting each other in person and finally regained the precious time we had lost because of the terrible pandemic. The fantastic feeling of finally being able to see each other again and being back to where we were before the pandemic may explain why we truly felt that JET2022 was the “best JET.” So, what should we do at JET2023 to achieve the “best JET” again? I think we definitely need to reach an even higher level than before the pandemic, and my colleagues and I have already started the JET2023 project with this in mind.
At the suggestion of Prof. Masato Nakamura, the theme of the conference will be "diversity & inclusion." I believe that this theme is appropriate for JET2023 because we hope more than ever that JET2023 will be attended by not only Japanese but also international participants and by not only experts but also those who want to start providing endovascular treatment. We aim to plan a JET2023 that makes diversity and inclusion its strength.
To create the “best JET,” Prof. Nakamura invited three doctors (Dr. Kenji Suzuki, Dr. Makoto Utsunomiya, and me) to be members of the Executive Committee, and we will continue to maintain the goal of disseminating information to the world as the “no. 1 meeting in Asia.” We have two commitments for JET2023: a high-quality program and the value of the space shared by participants.
This year, we will be holding the conference at a different venue: Akasaka Intercity Conference Center. This venue is located in the prime location of Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo. It is a luxurious and attractive space where you can forget the hustle and bustle of the city, and it will certainly add glamor and new charm to JET2023. This year, we will place great emphasis on face-to-face interactions, and the venue will help us achieve this goal. After each day's program, we plan to hold parties and dinners for participants and faculty so that everyone can enjoy the glamorous venue.

And now for the program details that everyone is waiting for:

We will continue to offer the PAD, Aortic, AV access, and Venous + Medical Staff tracks, which will focus on areas beyond PAD and attract many participants from multiple departments. As the Scientific Committee for the PAD track, Dr. Osamu Iida and Dr. Masahiko Fujiwara, who greatly improved JET from 2020 to 2022, together with Dr. Daizo Kawasaki and Dr. Terutoshi Yamaoka, will continue to promote JET2023.

At the PAD Main Live event, which is JET's biggest attraction, as before we will continue to show world-class, fast, highly educational live surgery. At LINC2022, which was held just before JET2022, Dr. Iida and I performed the procedures as live operators, and it made us realize that the level of the current JET live performances is comparable to that of conferences all over the world. I would like to spread the word that if you participate in JET, you can learn world-class techniques, and the road to JET is in turn a road to the world. Of course, we will also continue to hold the Scrub Live event in Japanese because this event is aimed at beginners and participants who are not good at English or who want to learn in a relaxed style through live demonstrations in Japanese. In this way, JET accommodates the diverse needs of participants.

This year, Prof. Takao Ohki, Department of Vascular Surgery, The Jikei University School of Medicine, will manage the Aortic track as “The Big Boss.” Prof. Ohki is preparing a surprise project, so please wait for the announcement!! Dr. Shigeo Ichihashi and Dr. Naoki Fujimura will continue to be active members of the Scientific Committee. By offering one of the few courses in Japan where you can enjoy a live demonstration of stent grafts, we hope to increase the number of new JET fans, especially doctors in vascular surgery and radiology.

The AV access track has been handed over to Dr. Kotaro Suemitsu. The JET AV Access track has just started; however, we will make full use of both live broadcasting and pre-recorded videos to make everyone want to watch and learn! Starting with Japan, which has the world's largest dialysis population, we will continue to evolve so that we can be recognized as no. 1 in Asia, just like the PAD track.

Regarding the Venous track, Prof. Hiroyoshi Yokoi and Dr. Makoto Mo will plan the programs again this year. In Japan, where venous stents and mechanical thrombectomy devices cannot be used, it is difficult to perform venous interventions in the same way as in other countries. In addition, last year we faced a serious problem where the supply of urokinase was stopped. To overcome this challenging situation, various efforts are being made through JET, led by Prof. Yokoi. JET2023 will continue to provide the latest information on venous interventions.
For the Medical Staff track, we will also provide impressive programs. We are planning a session where you can learn in depth about intravascular imaging (IVUS, OFDI), a topic of great interest to clinical engineers, whose participation has increased dramatically at recent events. Furthermore, we think this session will also be of interest for young doctors and/or beginners.
As for JET OPEN, which received 137 abstracts last year, I have asked Dr. Michinao Tan to continue to manage it. Dr. Yamaoka, Dr. Masanori Inoue, and the Executive Committee will work together to create an attractive plan so that we receive many abstract submissions not only from cardiologists but also from vascular surgeons and interventional radiologists.
We appreciate your kind attention to this “passionate” first announcement about JET 2023. In the near future, I would like to introduce the JET2023 Executive Committee's plans for being the "best JET" again. Of course, publicity projects such as Road to JET and Iida's Radio are also scheduled to start at any time.
Last year, we did it all for JET and got the "best JET." This year, we would like to do it all for JET again, and we hope that you will support us in this endeavor. We are looking forward to seeing you at JET2023 from May 26 to 28, 2023, and hope that you enjoy the ongoing projects until then.
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